About us

What is DevLab?

Development Lab is a student-driven laboratory at the University of Southern Denmark. Members are given 24/7 access to a space for prototyping, learning and developing – for study as well as free time projects. Because we believe that learning is obtained best through hands-on exploration of our facilities!

The lab is governed by students in the board of DevLab User Association. The by-laws can be read here.
The board meetings are open. Summaries are published here. If you are curious to join a meeting, or if you have input or inquires, please contact devlab@tek.sdu.dk

How we started?
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Our purpose

Support students and give new tools in relation to their education.

Work interdisciplinary in relation to studies and semester projects.

Provide a framework for idea development and manufacturing of physical objects.

Create an environment for students, from where technology start-ups can emerge.

Our Team

Christian Hammerich
Laboratory responsible and board member
Frederik Ditlevsen
Holger Roland
VR Responsable
Markus Harritsø
Christoffer Skovsgård
Vice-chairman and Event / Social Media Manager
Klara Kirstine Fasano
Board member
Emilie Brus Gregersen
Board member
Tobias Jørgensen
Board member