Created for students by students

New Tools

Support students and give new tools in relation to their education.


Work interdisciplinary in relation to studies and semester projects.


Providing a framework for idea development and manufacturing of physical objects.


Create an environment for students, from where technology start-ups can emerge.

Meet Our Team

The team consits of students and lecturers alike!

Christian Hammerich

Laboratory responsible

Christoffer Skovsgård

Social media / Event manager

Klara Kristine Fasano

Vice Chairman

Thorbjørn Ryom Westergren

Lasercutter responsible

Gant Gott

Lasercutter responsible

Lukas Petersen

Lasercutter responsible

Christian Hviid Petersen

3D Printer responsible

Igor Roberto Gomes Rodrigues

3D Printer / Tool responsible

Morten Foged Lindegaard

Virtual Reality responsible

Finn Erik Joran Oriwohl

Virtual Reality responsible

Enes Seval

Board memeber

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