DevLab General Assembly

Did you know that DevLab is driven by students? In fact, it is the board members of “DevLab User Association” whom take all the decisions and determine the future of the lab.


On monday the 4th of february at 16:15 we invite you to this year’s general assembly in Ø31-608a-2.


This is your chance to get involved. The agenda for the general assembly is as follows:

  1. Choose moderator
  2. Choose reporter
  3. Review of the year
  4. Financial account and budget
  5. Membership fee
  6. Choose board members and substitutes
  7. Received proposal
  8. Miscellaneous


Proposals of things to discuss on the general assembly must be sent to no later than 14 days before the assembly.


If you want to become a board member, but you are unable to attend the general assembly, you can stand up for election by writing an email to


Want to know more about DevLab?

Articles of Association


We hope to see you at the general assembly!


The board of DevLab User Assciation

Christian, Eskild, Mads, Nicolai, Peter, Simon